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Use the App Store Without a Credit Card

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Signing up to use the App Store requires a credit card, right? Wrong. We showed you how to use iTunes without a credit card, and it turns out you can do the same thing with the iOS and Mac App Store. This is a perfect solution for setting up an iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Mac for a kid or for use in a public space, when you want to provide access to the free downloads and updates in the App Stores without the ability to make purchases through it. Even without a credit card attached to the Apple ID, you can add gift certificates and redeem codes through this account, making for an easy budgeting system should you wish to provide limited access to App Store purchases down the road.
How to Setup and Use iOS & Mac App Store With No Credit Card
Open the iOS App Store or Mac App Store and click on “Account” from the right-hand side
If currently logged into an Apple account, click on “Sign Out” otherwise click the “Create Apple ID” button (alternatively, you can sign up on the web directly from Apple)
Agree to the Terms and Conditions and fill out the Apple ID creation page, set this up for a new email address than your primary app store account
At the “Provide a Payment Method” screen, select “None” as the payment option
Optionally, add a gift certificate to pad the account with an app purchase budget
Click “Create Apple ID” and verify the email address you provided earlier, your credit card free Mac App Store login is now active
Now log into the App Store with the newly created Apple ID and the user will be able to download any free apps or download updates to existing apps. The credit card free account can also redeem promo codes and add gift cards to their account should they need to make purchases.



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SCORES – disponibile su AppStore


SCORES è una applicazione disponibile su apple store. Per scaricarla aprite iTunes e nella sezione App digitate con le lettere maiuscole “SCORES”

SCORES è utile qundo giocate a carte o a qualsiasi altro gioco che richiede di annotare i punti dei giocatori.

Fino a ieri usavate un foglio e una penna, ma da oggi userete scores.

Registra nomi e punteggi da uno a 6 giocatori, è possibile resettare i punteggi quando iniziate una nuova partita, tiene in memoria i punti e inomi anche quando ricevete una chiamata e supporta il multitasking.

Eco alcuni screenshoot. Enjoy.