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Customize LaunchPad Folders with Emoji

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custom LaunchPad folder name with Emoji

You may know by now that Mac OS X Lion has Emoji support, which is easily accessible in most applications. This brings a wide range of icons and emoticons to the Mac, and some of them are perfect to customize the appearance of LaunchPad folder names. Here’s how:

  • Open TextEdit and then hit Command+Option+T to bring up the ‘Special Character’ tool
  • Select “Emoji” from the list on the left and then select a sub category, find an emoticon or icon you want to use and double-click it to make it appear in the blank TextEdit window
  • Highlight and copy the emoji icon in TextEdit so that it is stored within the clipboard
  • Hit F4 or whatever key you remapped to open LaunchPad
  • Click to open the folder you want to edit, then double-click on the folder name to make changes
  • Use your mouse cursor or the arrow keys to go to the beginning of the word, and hit Command+P to paste the Emoji icon into the folder name

Emoji icons in LaunchPad folder names

Click out of the folder to set the change Removing the emoji icon from the folder name is the same as deleting any other character. This is actually an oldertip from the iOS world but LaunchPad and iOS’s SpringBoard are so similar that it works in Lion.

Emoji Folders in OS X Lion LaunchPad

These Emoji icons tend to look their best on larger screens mostly because the LaunchPad icons are larger, something that nobody has yet figured out how to control independently – although the LaunchPad icons are universally larger in Mac OS X 10.7.2 developer betas, there is still no way to adjust the size.


Fix wi-fi dropping osxlion


Mac Wi-Fi Dropping? Use a Simple Keepalive Bash Script to Maintain Wireless Connection

Command Line, Mac OS X, Tips & Tricks, Troubleshooting – August 8th, 2011 – 3 Comments

Mac Wi-Fi Keepalive Script

Many users who upgraded to Mac OS X Lion discovered that their Wi-Fi connections were dropping periodically for no apparent reason. We published a reasonably thoroughwalkthrough with tips on fixing OS X Lion’s wireless dropping issues and that’s a recommended starting point because most tips are easy and less complicated, but among those was a trick to maintain data transfer by pinging an IP address.

The keepalive ping technique seems to work, but it turns out you don’t need to ping an external IP, you can also justoccasionally ping your local wifi access point. With this in mind, we’re going to create a simple keepalive script that will run from the command line and ping your router every 5 seconds, allowing the wifi connection to maintain itself and prevent a drop.

1) Get your WiFi Router IP Address

You’ll need to know your wireless access points IP address before proceeding, it’s usually something like or

You can get this information from System Preferences > Network > Advanced > TCP/IP and looking for the IP next to “Router”:

Get WiFi Router IP Address in Mac OS X

Make note of that IP and proceed with the following:

2) Create the Keepalive Bash Script

  • Launch the Terminal (located in /Applications/Utilities/)
  • Type the following command:


Paste in the following, be sure to replace the IP with your own routers: #!/bin/bash
ping -i 5 -n

Hit Control+O to Save the contents of Hit Control+X to exit from nano

3) Run the Wi-Fi Keepalive Bash Script

  • Back at the command line, we have to make the script executable, we do this with:

chmod +x

Now to run the keepalive script, we type: ./ &

That last command starts and runs the script in the background. Your wireless connection should stay alive now and dropping should come to an end.

The idea of creating a simple bash script comes from Ahmet C. Toker, who left the trick in our comments and said that after he ran it “the problem melted away” and the wifi stopped dropping. It’s less of a fix and more of a simple workaround, but it does seem to maintain wifi connections, and it’s probably better than pinging an external IP address like for a number of reasons.

The remaining question is if there is a bug with how Mac OS X 10.7 handles wifi connections, or if some routers just don’t play well with OS X. I think it’s the latter, because I’ve only encountered the problem on select brands of routers and others are flawless, but for all routers I have found a solution that stopped the connection failures completely. It’s possible that a future update to OS X 10.7 will resolve the issue completely for everyone.

Creare una nuova cartella contenente oggetti selezionati


Create a New Folder Containing Selected Items in Mac OS X Lion

New folder from selected items in Mac OS X Lion

You can now select any number of files from the Mac OS X desktop or a folder and create a new folder containing those selected items:

  • Select files you want to create a new folder containing
  • Right-click on one of the selected files and choose “New Folder with Selection (x items)”

You can also select the items and go from the “File” menu in the Finder to the same “New Folder with Selection” option, but right-clicking is quicker. There’s supposed to be a keyboard shortcut to do this too, Control+Command+N, but it doesn’t seem to work on any of the Macs I’ve tested, give it a try and maybe it will work for you.

This alongside the ability to cut and paste files finally in Mac OS X are two of the more subtle but useful enhancements to the file system in 10.7.